Audioguide System for Rescue Operations in Museums

DSC_6990An innovative system developed under EU funds to help rescuers during emergencies in museums has been presented on September 15th, 2010, in Turin (Italy) in the Villa della Regina building, which is one of the royal buildings in Turin. Such system is based on the use during emergencies of the same devices used to guide people during their visits to museums and other cultural or historical buildings.

The European project MAP (mobile adaptive procedures), developed under successive EU funding, is aimed at the creation of a system that, among other functions, improves the operation of Fire Brigades in particular contexts, such as events relating to the safety of historical heritage. This topic was the subject of the conference held September 15 in Turin.

The conference was organized by the european-funded MAP project (coordinated by the Italian Ministry of Interior), Corpo Nazionale dei Vigili del Fuoco (National Fire Brigade) and the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage.

The central topic of the conference was the pilot project for a system intended to improve the management of emergencies by the Fire Brigade. This system, which allows the Fire Department to be informed and guided in real time during emergencies, is the first of this kind, and is based on a series of fact sheets, developed by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, which have been stored on the server of the local Command of the Fire Brigade in Turin. The contents of these cards are used by the Fire Department rescue personnel during the emergency and allows operators to know the priorities of the actions they are supposed to develop. They are informed using a code very similar to the “triage” conducted in an emergency department of a hospital . For the artifacts to be saved were defined key parameters such as response times for removal, weight and transportation techniques, as well as a classification of the level of historical or artistic interest.

Data transmitted through the MAP system allow the Fire Department to improve  rescue operations. In addition, thanks to devices scattered throughout the museum (the same devices used for audioguides during normal museum operations) and an innovative algorithm, data can be monitored constantly by the fire brigade control room.

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