Library Fire in Dharmshala (Tibet)

3At least one Tibetan was killed in a fire on January 26th, 2009, in a multy story building of the Library of  Tibetan Works and Archives. The library is located in the premises of the headquarter of Tibetan government in-exile.
Two blasting sounds were heard while the building was still on fire. Witnesses say the blasts were of two cooking cylinders. However, the fire did not spread to the lower storey of the building.  The firefighters soon arrived on the scene and started extinguishing the blaze. Due to steep height of the building from ground   level, the water pressure was inadequate to bring the fire under control. However, the fire was brought under control in about 3 hours.
The LTWA is the official National Library, Museum and Archive. The library is now a repository for significant collections of artifacts, manuscripts and other records, while also serving as a centre for language and cultural education.

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