PROMEDHE EU Project – Protecting Cultural Heritage across Borders

Cultural heritage is, by its nature, exposed to various and serious risks. The development of technologies and procedures that make it possible to improve the first aid and damage limitation activities must be constantly followed to update the techniques to the evolution of risks and expectations of the community.
In this context, international cooperation is gaining increasing importance. The ability to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, in fact, largely benefits from the comparison between different experiences. Furthermore, in cases where catastrophic events hit entire regions, the contribution of teams from countries other than the one affected by the emergency can prove essential for saving cultural heritage.

To keep a channel of research and cooperation open, the European Commission therefore finances projects aimed at exchanging experiences between countries interested in securing cultural heritage in emergencies through funding from DG ECHO (European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations).

the picture shows a phase of the final exercise of the EU Promhede project
Promedhex 2018 Exercise. Assessment team working in the scenario of simulated earthquake damages inside a church.

Promedhe has been one of these projects. The project’s consortium included the Italian Civil Protection Department (DPC) as Coordinator, the Cyprus Civil Defence (CCD), the Palestinan Civil Defence (PCD), the National Emergency Management Agency of Israel (NEMA), the Jordan Civil Defence (JCD) and

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